Hi there, you've reached Roadkill Rekordz (Holland). On this page there's some information about the independent Roadkill Rekordz-label, owned by members of Toner Low. Read on and find out sending your demo's to us won't be of any real use.

Plans to set up Roadkill Rekordz were made in 1998, by Toner Low-members Deef, Jack and Daan. Being in some more bands at that time (as it is today). The first cd-release was the full-length by classics-on-speed-coverband Only Entertainment in September 1999. It was initially recorded for Roadrunner Records in 1997. However Roadrunner wasn't willing to release the cd, so Roadkill Rekordz did this in cooperation with the Wot Nxt Foundation (WNF) that was willing to pay half of the cost of the release.

The following year promo-tapes recorded by Toner Low were released on cd. Up from this 2000-year stonerdoomrockers Toner Low became the most important Roadkill-band. As 2001 marked the end of Only Entertainment, the bandmembers found more time concentrating on other stuff. This resulted in the release of several items in 2002, like a promo-cd by Toner Low, the debut-album by 'Evil Elvis' Danny Ramirez and the split-album by The Mad Löggers and H-21.

In the future Roadkill Rekordz will continue to releasing music from the bands the founders of the label are playing with. We do not offer 'album-deals' to other bands, but do release a split-vinyl every now and then.

Roadkill Rekordz back-catalogue:

Vinally 7" RKR 001: a split-single by Only Entertainment and The Titfaces, April 1999.

Never Judge A Record By Its Cover(s)-cd RKR/WNF 002: Only Entertainment's first cd, released by Roadkill Rekordz and Wot Nxt, September 1999.

The X-mas Downer Sessions-promocd RKR 003: Toner Low's second demo-tape (January 1999) on cd, January 2000.

Low Live-promocd RKR 004: Toner Low live-promo, March 2000.

Aqui-promocd RKR 005: Toner Low's first demo-tape (July 1998) on cd, July 2000.

So Long…And Thanx For All The Booze-cd RKR 006: the final cd by Only Entertainment. It contains a cd-rom part with info on and songs by Toner Low, Incommin', Kru$h, Left In The Middle and Danny Ramirez, September 2001.

Toner Low-promocd RKR 007: fourth promocd by Toner Low, June 2002.

Danny Ramirez, Reload Your Gun!-cd RKR 008: first cd by evil singer/songwriter Ramirez, August 2002.

Kru$h/Distroy 7" RKR 009: a splitsingle by grindpunks Kru$h and Distroy, November 2002.

Toner Low/Fal-tor-voh 7" RKR 010: a splitsingle by stonerrockbands Toner Low and Fal-Tor-Voh, November 2002.

The Mad Löggers/H-21 12" RKR 011: a splitalbum by rockers The Mad Löggers and H-21, December 2002.

Toner Low-promocd RKR 012: Toner Low's fifth promocd, January 2003.

Toner Low-cd RKR 013: debutalbum by Toner Low, June 2005.

Kru$h/Blood I Bleed 7" RKR 014: splitsingle by grindpunkcrusties, August 2005.

The Mad Löggers/H.O.T.T.-mcd RKR 015: split-mcd with mad rock and glamrock, September 2005.

Toner Low/Abe Diddy and The Krautboys 7" RKR 016: splitsingle with stoner and doom, November 2006.

Toner Low double album RKR 017: debutalbum on vinyl, December 2006.

Danny Ramirez, Misanthropicus Fanaticus! RKR 018: second cd with murderballads, May 2007.

Toner Low, One Stoned Decade RKR 019: ten years-anniversary compilation-cd, April 2008.

Toner Low, II RKR 020: second album, November 2008.

Kru$h-cd/lp RKR 021: first full-length by grindcrustpunks, April 2010.

Toner Low, III RKR 022, 023, 024: third album on cd, double vinyl and audio cassette, April 2013.